Thursday, 9 January 2020

Mark and Art visit Lek's Fishing Park Udon Thani.

Mark and Art visit Lek's Fishing Park in Udon Thani, NNE Thailand

 This session was described by Lake Manager, Doug Isles, as one in which 'Mark could do no wrong' with a steady run of fish over the two daysof fishing including 5 different species. Here's one of Mark's many Siamese Carp.
This carp is darker in appearance than the Siamese Carp and is called an Indian Carp/

Mark and Art hopped on a plane at Phuket and 90 minutes later had travelled 1400 km to the NNE landing at Udon Thani with the intention of spending two days at Lek's Fishing Park.

This is where we (Russell Shaw, Richard Spracklen, Dave Lovelock with me and my crutches) enjoyed a couple of days 'Stag Party' fishing before that very memorable wedding we attended in Nong Kai right on the northern Thai border  last January.

There's a very informative Facebook page for those interested.....just search.... 

                                        Lek's Fishing Park Udon Thani

.....and enjoy the excellent photography courtesy of Doug Isles' very talented daughter.

Mark with a fabulous Siamese Carp
And now...I have swiped the information below direct from the Facebook page.....take a read and see what Lek's is all about complete with contact information.

Lek’s Specimen Fishing Park ( A Private & Exclusive Fishing Lake For Hire )

Conveniently situated only 3 km from Udon Thani airport…… (pick up / drop off taxi service available from anywhere in surrounding areas)

In a private and secluded North Eastern Thailand setting the mixed specimen coarse lake boasts well over 50 different fish species ranging from huge Mekong Catfish (350lb+) to Giant Siamese Carp (up to 100 lb +), with vicious predators such as the Arapaima (up to 300 lb), Alligator Gar, Chao Phraya Catfish, Amazon Redtail and many more…. the un-pressured fast runs water produces very exciting catch rates leaving the angler in suspense as to what might be landed next!

Some of the bigger fish require strong equipment so we only use high end imported fishing tackle (which is included in the fee, ) Free Spirit rods with Shimano XTA LC Big bait runners, Solar Stainless Rod Pods with Delkim alarm indicators, full tackle box and enough bait to last you all day….. you will also be provided with a personal guide / assistant to give you advise and a helping hand to land any of the larger fish .. (the amount of assistance you require is up to yourself)

It can get very hot in Thailand so we provide cover and protection from the sun and rain with our private luxury salas which are equipped with cool fans, a fully stocked mini bar with western and Thai food also available.. (plug sockets and fast WIFI connection which is very popular with any none fishing spectators / family members) …

We are looking at keeping the lake un-commercialised so to avoid disappointment we would prefer that bookings are to be made in advance….

To contact us and obtain directions to our lake you can email us for the fastest response at or call us on 0860593028 within Thailand or +66860593028 from abroad…

Lek’s Ranch & Fishing Park Udon Thani
Tel: 0860593028
To view our fishing rates and packages please see our webpage here:

 Art is helped to present this monster Siamese Carp

This unusual fish is indigenous to Thailand being found in the Chao Praya which is the river running right through the Capital of Thailand, Grungteb, and in the Mekong, one of the world's 3000 + mile long river. It is often called a 'Black Minnow' but also referred to as a Black Shark Carp. This one weighed about 5kg.

This amazing fish is the Tambaqui which comes from the Amazon and Orinoco rivers of South America. It is now wide-spread being used in aquaculture and is to be found in many parts of Asia. This species is related to the pacu and thus the pirhana family and displays the same manic fighting qualities. Mark caught four of these with the hevaiest one weighing in at about 15kg which is indeed a mighty fish.
Another night-time carp for Art

The sawi careful of the spine on the dorsal fin which is capable of inflictng a very painful wound.
Mark's 15kg Tambaqui.

It's essential to cover up from the blazing sun!

Mark concentrated on the carp to allow Art to fish the Arapaima swim.
I don't know what to call this building! Doug has finished the second 5* luxury Sala but it's much more than that. It's a beautiful building to relax in whilst awaiting for your bite. And with the extra facilities on offer...why would you EVER want to leave??

I mean....look at it! Ridiculous level of comfort and style.....we anglers are thoroughly spoilt at Lek's Fishing and throughout Thailand in general!!

This IS absolute's a privilege to fish here.

The 'first' swim boats a lovely pool for the angler to cool off in whilst still able to watch the rods...good job all the reels are quality bait runners!!!!

I's sad to put pictures of the rods and their spacious platform....but this is something else. What a wonderful way to spend a few days.

Another shot of the pool swim.

The fishing IS amazing but to just relax here and enjoy the peace and quiet and the view across the lake would be enough!

What a beautiful view acorss the lake.

Luxury....bloody luxury!!
Right now, Mark and Art are back in Phuket and off to another lake for the day! And at Lek's we have....Ryan Casey, skipper of Weymouth based charter boat Meercat, and his pal Jack who some of you my have met skippering another of Weymouth's charter fleet ,Eclipse.

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