Thursday, 16 January 2020

Ryan and Jack...early morning beach fishing session.

Ryan and Jack....early morning session at Ya Nui Beach!

Today...we let the photo's do the talking. There are SO MANY different species here in IS mind-blowing.

A giant puffer fush...caught on lure!
There are so many species....this is a member of the snapper family??

Member of the snapper family?
A pretty snapper family member for Ryan. Watch out ,Luke!!

Even tho' the fish are tiny...there's nothing that beats sehorefishing for us sea anglers.
How's the ID going?
A colourful parrot wrasse.

Ryan with a checkerboard wrasse.
Many different wrasse...there's 38 different wrasse
in my I.D. book for this part of Thailand.
A checkered snapper

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