Saturday, 25 January 2020

Ryan and Katie take on Promthep Point

Promthep Point isn't for the faint hearted although I have witnessed near-on swooning due to overwhelming emotion!

 I shall explain!

Here we have, with apologies to Mr Ronnie Campbell in Oban who captures magnificent Scottish sunsets, the best ever sunsets. This of course is looking down Chesil Beach from Portland Heights. Ahhh...Dorset....the best place on the planet (unbiased view from Whittall of Weymouth, you understand)

Looking Westwards along Chesil Beach from Portland Heights.

Looking Westwards along Chesil Beach from Portland Heights
Promthep Point sunset view.
Every evening during the 'High Season' coach loads of tourists arrive at Promthep Point in South Phuket to witness stunning sunsets. There are many different Nationalities with the majority being Chinese. I have watched Chinese people of varying ages watch this spectacle in often hysterical awe. There's a rush for endless photographs...mainly selfies of course...and then genuine tears of uncontrollable emotion as the sun dips under the horizon.

This is because for so many Chinese, sunsets are a thing of the past. In Bejing, giant videos allow the residents to watch sunsets captured from the past or projected from other countries. The air pollution in Bejing is often that it is in many other places in Asia. Watching a real and beautiful sunset over the Andaman Sea is an emotional experience for many people.

Sunset....Bejing, China. Watching it on a big screen is as near to this wonderful part of the day that so many in China and other parts of air polluted Asia can no longer witness for real.

Anyhow....all that aside..this is a little report about our Promthep Fishing Heroes, Ryan and Katie.

At  0530 our keen anglers were up and gone to catch sunrise at what appears to be the best location for the chance of a decent fish. In the past I have watch Thai anglers fishing with lures from here and bringing in various edible sized fish. This was to be a species hunt though and below are the various species the pair caught. They totalled 30 fish between them and counted 19 different species. 

Two-hook paternoster rigs with 12lb line and size 6 (or less at times) hooks were used. Bait was prawn with bait elastic essential as there are so many little fish the baits are attacked immediately and hooks are stripped bare within seconds. Properly presented baits and fast reactions are called for!

Our glamorous Weymouth Charter Boat Skippers, Ryan Casey and Katie Balem

The plan was to fish the first 3 hours of daylight as the temperature soon soars and Promthep is a very exposed area.

Hours of research have already been spent and names have been attached to most of the fish...but there's a few left. So..anyone with any ideas..please help. (I will update as we go!)

Kannika shown on the way back up from the Point after a morning fishing's a very hard ascent...and hot. Ask Reggie Clough and Dave Lovelock with that demon Boot Camper, Mark Harding from Alderney, urging them back up the slope after a day on the Point.

This either a black spot sea perch OR a five lined snapper.

Big eyed snapper.

Five lined snapper.
Long barbel goat fish
Checkered snapper
Two lined monocle bream

Streak monocle bream

Cheek monocle bream

Blue lines grouper

Three spot Dascyllus

Moon wrasse
Variegated lizard fish

Checkerboard wrasse

Double-tooth soldier fish
Floral wrasse

Brown banded grouper

This story will be added to as more fish are identified....and now we are headed off to Phuket Aquarium in the hope of discovering more fishy names!

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