Friday, 29 November 2019

Kata...shore diving again! 28th Nov 2019

We have dived Kata Reef many times but it never fails to amaze. And the great thing about this dive site is that so many of you who come to stay are able to learn enough during your holiday to make it out to the dive site and enjoy a lengthy time there. There's so much to see that the longer you can remain there the better it is for  you. It is a darn nuisance when the air starts to get low and we have to return to shore.

 Here's Kannika who is now a very fine and graceful diver......and is far better at spotting stuff than me! She's the perfect 'Dive Buddy'; calm, gentle, alert and doesn't use any air.
 Yep...this is fish. Zillions of them. On this dive the shoals were so dense we were sure there were boats running overhead and blocking out the sun.  Nope...just fish. All colours and shapes....a real sight to see. Amazing.
 It's very difficult at times to see any reef or structure or even where the surface was with such a mass of fish swirling around us for the whole dive.
 The 'interiors' of the cubes often hold massive batfish. These gentle creatures come right up to you, virtually within touching distance. They show no fear as long as you remain gentle in your movements.
 The surfaces of the concrete cube faces are encrusted with life. There's incredibly intricate patterns and colours from a whole whole wealth of minute shell life. The fragile structures they create are delicate works of art.
          Amazing patterns in vivid blue.
       The more you look there the more there is to see.
 A rare moment today when the fish dispersed for a few moments revealing the concrete framework that attracts and holds so much marine activity.
 I've never seen so many tiny moray eels...there are stacks of them inbetween the crevices created where the cubes have fallen against each other.
   They're always good for photographs...they hold their pose for ages.
Tiny morays popping up everywhere.
 Until last week I had never seen a Robust Ghost Pipe Fish. Our resident Diving Instructor friend, Steve Antcliffe, notices everything and points all these things out to us. And now...everywhere I look I can see Robust Ghost Pipe I wonder how many I have passesd by over the years without noticing them. Well...they ARE tiny and do look like thin greenish-brown blades of old grass just wafting about in the gentle current. Hardly noticeable until you are trained to see!!
 They stand out when at the centre of the photo....can't believe I never noticed them before!
 I found one right out in the open on the clear white sand...and it held its position very obligingly.
 On the way back to the shore they Kata reef was also brimming with life......we're lucky to be diving it at the moment with even more than usual going on.

         Coral and fish....unforgettable.

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