Thursday, 14 November 2019

Kannika.....Promoted to Diving Instructoress.


 Kannika has now been promoted to Diving Instructoress and put in charge of Thai visitors.
 Here we have the first Thai group with Kannika teaching in a military like manner.
 Line up; shut up; listen to my commands; follow my instructions. Attention!!
 Hering we are learning the gentle art of equalising without blowing your head off.
 This charming young lady (on the right) is Kannika's younger sister. They wear similar clothing; they speak and laugh in the same manner....and I'm sure they'll dive with equal levels of underwater grace.
 The team have progressed to the pool....which actually is a remarkable achievement considering every aspect of this is completely new to well done Kannika for getting everyone this far!
And now on to hand signals. There won't be enough time to prepare for a dive in the sea....but it's been great fun getting this far in the pool!

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