Thursday, 28 November 2019

A great day's carp fishing. Wednesday 27th Nov 2019

We, Mark Butland, Russell Shaw, Dereck Wilson and Sirada Dubsok (otherwise known as Pat; the Boss of the Tamarind Restaurant that we frequent in  nearby Chalong Village) and I enjoyed an extremely lively and productive day carp fishing today but also caught various other species such as pacu and catfish.

 Our target species was Siamese carp. We were using hair-rigs and boilies and trying to approach the day with the same mindset as a keen carp angler back in 'Good Old Blighty'. The big difference here in Thailand is that the fish are manic and don't muck about when taking the baits. Often, as soon as the float hits the water it was gone! These carp are immensley powerful and head off to the far reaches of the lake. It is exciting and hard work edging this creatures to the net.
 We all caught pretty evenly throughout the day stopping only to enjoy the contents of an enormous box of ice packed with goodies from the local market which Sirada and Russell had put together in the early morning on the way to the lake.
 We had the assistance of a  very good Thai assistant called Nung who has just returned from working five years in Israel. Nung, having worked on fish farms in Israel, was delighted to be assisting in the taking of the carp from the wet fish mats where the unhooking and photo's took place back to the water in a cushioned sling we had brought with us.
 Russell with one of many of his just happened that when this came in, oe of us was free to take a WAS that busy. Russell is a very keen carp angler back home and so he more than any of us appreciated the difference in the frantic tropical catch rate compared to the somewhat steadier carp fishing in cooler UK climes.
 These fish really are spectacular creatures and designed to be admired and photographed and treated as gently as possibly before being returned to the water as quickly as we can.
 There were plenty of decent sized pacu about. The trick is in trying to avoid them! These pacu seem to be a different variety from last year as they leap clear of the water on the take and often jump around more like barramudi or tarpon than pacu during the fight.
Dereck came with us and also caught...but unfortuantely he's currently rather poorly and was struggling to get down into fish presenting position...thus I have included a fish from last week so make him feel one of the team...which he is!!

I have been asked if I ever go fishing on these trip. Well,  yes I do. But my role,  like when being a charter skipper, is to try and help my guests have  good time catching fish etc. It is rare you will see a photo of me....30 years of being behind the lens as an angling journalist impressed upon me that it is YOU the visiting angler who is important....not me!!

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