Saturday, 9 November 2019

A few shots to get the Nov 2019 to April 2020 Phuket dive season underway.

Here we go...the start of our 11th season here in sunny Phuket. Our first guests arrived today, Nov 9th, with 4 more coming tomorrow. Lots of diving planned....can't wait to get going.

In the meantime, here's a sprikling of the last shotsback in Feb/March of this year onour later dives.

Google has made the Blog easier for me to I hope to use this facility more this time.

                                          Little moray inquisitive and friendly as ever.

                                 Graceful batfish...a wonderful and colourful sight to behold.

 Batfish come in many  differing cours and sizes and like to lurk about near man made structures.

                                    An unbelievably large jelly fish that nearly engulfed me!

                             Dive sites are in the Andaman Sea are often teaming with life....

                     Stunning soft corals at a nearby dive location known as Anenome Reef

                    A great trip to Pi Pi Islands to see black tip reef sharks...and we saw loads!

 Nudibranchs with their extraorinary colours and striking forms are a wonderful subject matter for the underwater photographer. I purchased new Sony equipment this year and have been delighted with the wonderful results. To the right of this tiny nudibranch is a network of delicate marine shell-life. I didn't even notice it when taking the photo but on expanding the photo on the computer realised that the real highlight of the shot were these structures.
 The Harlequin Shrimp feeds on starfish...they are wonderfully coloured and it's a real treat to find                                                                         one the camera.
                         Everybody's favourite...the seahorse hiding amonst the soft ferns

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