Thursday, 8 March 2018

First Mekongs for our young Captains.....

And here we go....first time ever in Thailand....first time ever into a Mekong catfish and first time meeting Phuket's Top Gillie, Khun Boy, Ryan Casey from Windy Weymouth bends into a manic Mekong.

This turned out to be a lengthy struggle with the light tackle providing the opportunity for the Mekong to display its strength and tenacity.

Khun Boy is joined by gillie number 2.....just in case they need the par of them to lift the monster clear of the water!!

And here it is.....Ryan's first ever Mekong catfish. As expected of such a talented angler, Ryan played the fish with great expertise and managed to wipe out very angler on the lake!!

Yes!!! I KNEW Ryan would make an impression!!!!

These days it is extremely important to check on one's Social Media page to ensure one looks pretty enough for the adoring fans!!

Well...I think the fish looked very pretty indeed! Thoughts??

And now local entrepreneur Tuk Ta bends into her first ever Mekong under the expert guidance of Dave Lovelock. 

 After an epic tussle, Dave gets into the water to assist Tuk Ta present her first ever Mekong! Hurrah!!

There's always plenty to do for the elderly at Jez's lake. Here's one of the dogs that wanders around allowing guests to stroke it. This is very soothing for the well traveled International angler who needs to relax whilst on holiday.
David presents one of his Mekongs...he's a very relaxed chap when lake fishing. We have to prise him out of his chair and away from his adopted lake doggie to take his rod in hand and play his fish.

 And now for several photos of Weymouth's youngest charter skipper and the first Operating Lady Skipper in our fair port. We do have lady crewesses who are qualified skippers in their own right but stayed on as crew members rather than taking command. So, Katie is a great addition to the Weymouth charter fleet and will be offering half day inshore trips. she is...on her feet with a Mekong making its first run across the lake.

Ryan is at hand to buckle on the butt pad. This is a very useful piece of equipment as these fish do put up such a sustained and powerful fight.

And here she is....butt-padded up and bending into her 'Big 'Un'! But, please observe the relaxed posture which is the result of playing many fine fish over the past two seasons whilst at sea with Skipper and Mentor, Ryan.

There's none of that awkward posture, that buckling of the knees, that grizzling associated with the inexperienced. Here is a gal destined for great things!!!
And here we have Katie's first ever Mekong! Fantastic...everyone caught a fine fish.
Thai ladies are very obliging in showing tourists the main pastime in this country...eating. Never in the field of Human Endeavour have so few eaten so much. 

There were a number of other species caught such as this redtail catfish.

We were on a Mekong Special Day and not featuring the other species...but this one is included to show that Kannika has another job whilst at Jez's Chalong Fishing Park.

Kannika is on hand to show the size of David's fish. This skill is not one that comes easily but must be worked at over several seasons as a crew on a charter boat.....preferably one in the UK. We can see here how the outstretched arms is accompanied by a semi-mocking, pitying look. Well Done, are mastering the appropriate gestures and facial expressions. I shall be sending you up to the Thai TV Soap Studios for your audition would make a VERY fine actress indeed.

And so concludes our fine team's first day on the Mekongs...and excellent fun it was to.

Thank you to Jez and his staff for looking after everyone so well!!

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