Friday, 2 February 2018

Paul and Michelle go caving!

                                A map of the route we took....
expressing feelings.

You never can tell what interests people. It turns out that Michelle enjoys caving and has already asked me about Cave Diving!!

And so we headed north leaving the island of Phuket in our wake and entered the dramatically scenic Phang Gna region.....from here Mr Paul Cross takes over the writing of the infamous Blog........

'' We had a great Day visiting Pung Chang (elephants stomach) caves.
Entering the caves is like entering the belly of the elephant.

We were met by a spectacular myriad of colors, shapes and textures as we journeyed through one of the most wondrous wonders of the world. As we climbed the peaks and rafted along the underground stream, we saw some unique stone shapes and looking up could see the many native bats hanging within the cave walls. 

It was truly spectacular. As we traveled through, the Pung Chang cave we saw many stalagmites and stalactites which have formed into many different shapes, some of which look just like Elephant ears, columns of miniature Elephants and a gigantic Elephant to mention a few. 

Wading knee high through the river water we could  see the white-tiered umbrella of the kingdom. Thai people believe this is a holy cave system with its many elephantine shapes and shimmering rock formations that remind one of the ornate interiors of the Kingdom's Palaces along with the golden stairways, glistening passages, shimmering stupas and ornate chedis. 

The journey took place through the water filled pathways by traveling on bamboo rafts and canoes in the black pitch darkness with just our personal headlights to illuminate  our way.

The Intrepid team penetrate the cave system.

Rickety wooden stairs lead from one level
to the next...and yes, you are correct...
.none of this would be allowed 'back home'.

Health and Safety would shut everything
The vivid Thai imagination sees elephants everywhere in this the Elephant Stomach Cave 
                                 Editor's note: Well Done, Mr Cross for a splendid Blog.

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