Thursday, 15 February 2018

Girl Power...Mandy and Kannika into The Deep Blue.

 Our friend Mandy from sunny Weymouth and fisherman husband Gary Chard are here with us in Phuket for a well deserved winter break. And Mandy has taken the opportunity to get back into her scuba diving after several years lay off!

Here she is just about to start a refresher session in the pool. This is where we check out buoyancy control, mask flooding and clearance etc as well as just re-familiarizing oneself with the equipment. We usually have a couple of sessions in the pool totaling a couple of hours and then do a bit of theory before we venture to the beach for our shore diving.
 Here we go....mask being donned and ready to go under...
 Gary the photographer is at hand to capture Mandy's first underwater swim for several years...and she was straight back into it with no problems.
 And here she is as we start the first part of our hour long sea dive to 12 meters. On this occasion we 'swam' a good quarter of a mile out to sea before dropping down. Kannika was with us....she's back into it properly now and is all set to start her Advanced PADI diver course next week with a really great Thai lady instructor called Nat.
 We were straight back to our 'cubes' to see if the little moray eels were still there....and sure enough we weren't disappointed.
 As we can see, Mandy is so at home that she has turned into a fish.

The batfish wander around these cubes and are so friendly that they will come right to you.
 A very beautifully marked nudibranch was leaping about for our photographic pleasure.
 When we dived here three days ago, the cubes were clear of any fishin gger but on this dive a net had been shot right over part of the cubes. With its floating buoy line and leaded foot rope, this presented a dangerous hazard to other scuba divers. The net was already ghost fishing with fish trapped in it and more about to be ensnared.

It would be a dodgy thing for a European diver to do something about this situation....but Thai men will not confront an angry Thai lady. Kannika is very formidable when aroused and this situation had clearly angered and distressed her. She was straight in on the attack with her dive scissors....and I was dreading the inevitable surface confrontation with any fisherman likely to be around.

 The batfish seemed to have enough sense to move away from the net danger. They really are a very graceful and impressive sight.
 All the places where the concrete cubes are in contact with each other was full of morays.
 One of the best things to watch underwater are cuttlefish. Their ability to change colour so quickly is amazing. They too are very inquisitive and will come right up to you as long as the diver moves very gently and in an non-threatening manner. They tend to stay well clear of is as if they can sense that she REALLY wants to eat them
Set against the brilliant white sand the the bright blue sea, these are very photogenic creatures.

We made our way back along the reef to emerge about 30 yards from the shore. I was expecting an explosive confrontation...and I wasn't disappointed. Kannika was straight on the attack with the local boatmen pleading innocence. After returning to our car and packing the tanks and kit away, Mandy and I were ordered to the restaurant whilst Kannika headed back to the beach....and further discussion. I would have like to have been there....but there are times when we 'visitors' are better off staying right away from such discussions!!

Never a dull moment, eh??

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  1. Great Photos again Paul! Looks like the girls had great fun�� Happy Diving x