Monday, 19 February 2018

Fish, Fish, Fish!!!!!

 Here's a selection of our latest catches featuring our Dorsetians,  Heidi and Marcus Balhin (Dorchester) and Mandy and Gary Chard (Weymouth) with guest star appearance from Andy Bright who is a fellow refugee here in Pulsating Phuket and our very own home grown Kannika Chokchai who hails from Nong Kai somewhere to the north-east of here.

Our friends have returned to UK now but we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Londoners Debbie and Paul tomorrow, 21st Feb, who are currently fishing at Exotic Fishing Thailand. I am hoping they will arrive laden down with photo's and a written report by Mike Bailey as to what wondrous anglers they are!!
Mandy Chard...redtail catfish

Mandy Chard...albino pacu

Gary Chard...mucking about with a Siamese carp

Gary Chard taking command of a redtail catfish

One of the many pacu that feature in the sessions

Heidi Balchin who emerged as our Rising Staress

Husband Marcus Balchin with a  Siamese carp. 

One of the great delights when fishing at Chalong Fishing Park is the B.B.Q. Here are Kannika and Mandy 'lending a hand'!

Kannika with a very good pacu. Kannika really loves fishing!!!

A great delight for us to be joined by Andy Bright.

Kannika and Mandy with a double shot of very hard fighting pacu

Our Mandy with another pacu

It's a different Siamese Carp from the one above...honest. Here's Andy Bright again, now retired and living in Phuket with his wonderful wife, Cara.

Here's Mandy, star-ess of the show as always...bending into another 'Gurt 'Un.

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