Sunday, 28 January 2018

Michelle's First Dive. Photography by Staff Snapper, Jamie Pullin.

Long time Offshore Rebel customer, Paul Cross and his charming partner, Michelle, arrived a couple of days ago. Michelle expressed a desire to have a try at Scuba Diving and so yesterday was spent in the house pool trying out all of sorts of underwater skills for the first time.

We ran through breathing techniques, mask clearance, regulator removal and retrieval, fin pivot, weight balance, dive profiles etc etc...and today, armed with our newly acquired skills, we visited Kata Beach with Jamie Pullin acting as Staff Photographer again.

Kata is just great for first dives. The reef protection rope has a number of free floating ropes tied to it which are just right to hold onto and descend on for the first time. Although just 3 meters deep and clear sand underneath us, the fish soon arrive and provide plenty to look at.

Michelle took her time and enjoyed the experience of being underwater for the first time. We were lucky the visibility was pretty good so there was lots to see without moving!

It does not matter how long it takes for a new diver to 'let go' of the rope for the first time ever. There is  no pressure on us. In fact one of our guests last year was content to just dangle from various points along the reef rope. At low tide you're pretty near the top of the reef anyway so all the corals and reef fish can clearly be seen.

Jay's photo shows how clear it was today so that was a very nice opening experience for Michelle.

The 12 Litre tank looks enormous on Michelle who is a small lady. Good job her man is a big, strong chap who carried all of Michelle's gear into the sea for her and held her steady whilst 'suiting up'.
I think this is a great photo. Well Done to Jay for his artistic eye. This is a shot of one of the twisted ropes coming from the reef protection rope. Even the ropes attract plenty of life...
And we're off! Jay has caught Michelle's very first fin's always a moment to remember for ever.
With such clarity we were able to show Michelle stacks and stacks of fish. It was a great first dive. was a great dive full stop! I have been to Kata many times and this was one of those dives to remember being so rich in colour and life.

Here is a fine example of a Spotted Hawk Fish.
The sand running along the Kata reef is super fine. The slightest fin kick or even fish feeding activity stirs up the sand and affects the visibility. It is important to be as gentle as possible with your dive movements..
The amount of fish life on this reef is amazing. There are so many different species that I gave up long ago trying to name them all...I just enjoy the ever changing spectacle and colours.
The reef abounds with many different types of coral crowded around each other with shoals of fish 'sitting' above them. The soft sand allows one to drop gently to the knees and just remain still and allow this mass of visual sensations to play out in front of's stunning.
The Moorish Idol, one of the coral reef's iconic species.

There are so many different colours which ever way you look.

When we're enjoying a dive like this, I would love to transport all underwater sealife lovers here to experience what we are seeing.

Jay has done very well with his photography. He has captured this dive very well. Of course I am including just a few of his photographs here...such is the amazing bonus of digital photography. Everyone goes back to good old UK with a CD full of every photo collected during their holiday...Jay must be up in the 100's already!
This is the very cute dog-faced puffer fish. It has other names such as seal-face puffer in other parts of the world...I guess our 'English' name for this species reflects the British love of dogs!!
The lengthy dorsal fin of the Moorish Idol is clearly seen in this shot.
And here we are at the end of the dive just before the visibility shut closed in with the turn of the tide. I particularly enjoy listening to the outpouring of enthusiastic exclamations and descriptions of what has been seen by someone on their very first dive...and Michelle was no exception...with a burst of infectious enthusiasm for her new experience.

It's so great introducing people to the wonderful world of Scuba Diving!!

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