Friday, 12 January 2018

Kannika at The We Bar

 It is vital to have connections with influence in Thailand..otherwise one is left merely floundering in the gutter...remarkably like being back in Weymouth.

We are very fortunate to know Dave 'The Don Corleone' Lovelock, leisure facility expansionist and mercurial entrepreneur.

Knowing it was Kannika's birthday, The Don generously offered one of his establishments and staff to cater to the Birthday Girl's every whim.

 Our favourite eatery in Chalong is the Tamarind Bar. The owner, Sirada, has become a good friend and is exactly who was needed to advise on catering and cooking. She and her staff provided all the food and it was a grand spread indeed! Thank you Khun Sirada!! (known to her friends as Pat).

Kannika (left) and a couple of schoolgirl classmates help to put the finishing touches to the buffet presentation.
 Flowers are very important in Thai culture.....roses for the guests arrived with our flower seller friend of many years, Khun Lek, offering a fine array. It's important to present every lady guest with a welcoming flower.

The Thais always contribute to any birthday party by pinning money onto the birthday girl. Kannika can be seen here with the guests' contributions towards the party.
It's a fine idea....and all part of the fun.

These ladies are the same friends that we went to sea with last year....they are ladies of some substance in Phuket and Bangkok owning various businesses.

 There is alays a dancing extrovert at any party. And here we have Pierre from Belgium. He is the life and soul of any gathering and the ladies love him. Pierre is in his mid-70's and is super fit. He dances right through the evening....never stopping. And he's good! Just the sort of chap to keep the action on the dance floor flowing along.

With the optional School Uniform dress theme, it was a great fun night....Thai people certainly know how to party and enjoy themselves! And our current guests were made very welcome by them!

Dave 'The Don' Lovelock presents Kannika with her birthday cake...what a man of local influence he has become!

 It is very important for we minions to know our place. Dave 'The Don' Lovelock likes being pointed I am honoured to oblige. What would we do without him, I ask???

 Mr Richard Spracklen from Wool in Dorset decided several years ago that he and Kannika were destined to be Brother and Sister and it's great to see how their friendship has developed over the recent years. They fish here in Phuket and back in Good Old Weymouth together and enjoy Scuba Diving as Buddies as well as attending the many different social events we support.

 'The Don' holds court from his favourite position...behind the bar at his latest hostelry acquisition. Being a man of such stature certainly gets you to know and impress the locals...
And here's the gals trying to get a round of drinks out of me......what they'll do for a bit of jollity, eh?

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