Thursday, 25 January 2018

Chalong Fishing Park

A 10 minutes drive takes us from the house to Jez Wilson's Chalong Fishing Park. Jez already works crazy hours per day but on Wednesday the Park stays open well into the night for a BBQ plus two extra bonus hours of fishing concluding at 2200.

We enjoy the mid afternoon into the evening sessions and, if it ties in with our own hectic schedule of diverse activities,  coming on a Wednesday gives us that added bonus....and the BBQ is really excellent.

(The BBQ is only available to angling customers!!)

Here's Jamie Pullin with a pacu....the manic cousin of the pirhana but which favours nuts over legs.
 This session was to encourage Jamie's (Jay's) wife Claire to get involved.And she soon was....indeed Claire soon developed that arm ache that is associated with using a lengthy fixed spool rod and jamming the butt into the stomach this making it even harder to stretch above the reel to control the balance of the rod.

This over-extension under tension has provided my guests with the opportunity to display an array of contortionist positions around the house the following day in order to ease 'the pain'.

Here's Claire with a nice little redtail catfish...just right to get one started into the bountiful world of Phuket lake fishing.

 And here's Claire with a much larger beast....a striped catfish.
 As the evening drew in, the fish came on the feed all around the lake. I spent some time with Stephane from Switzerland who told me that Jez's lake and the way the wonderful way the staff treated him had restored his faith. Earlier in the week Stephane  was on the verge of giving up fishing altogether after  visiting a relatively nearby Thai run lake and was left horrified to see how badly the fish were treated and what he described as the shocking state of the tackle which kept snapping when he had a fish on.

Jay, meanwhile, was bringing in a steady run of various catfish.

And, not to be outdone, Claire was holding her own with walking and striped catfish along a couple more redtails.

 They are a very fine fish...the redtail!

The honours fell to Claire though as with the very last cast she hooked into this fantastic Mekong catfish which we were assured was in the 30-35kg range. It took ages to coax in and Claire handled it all very well thanks to the encouragement of the gathering male crowd. Well Done, Claire.

Now...with all the excitement of the scuba diving and the fishing, I have two very excited Pullins in my house boinging all over the place.

And today the pace is maintained as out Weymouth team (including Debbie and Dick from Weymouth) are off our sea kayaking on the fabulous John Grey 'Hong by Starlight' trip. Many guests rate this trip as the ONE unforgettable experience not to miss...apart from the fishing and diving of course!!

Well Done to our Weymouth friends and well done to JezWilson and his fantastic team for creating such a wonderful and welcoming experience for all to enjoy.

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