Friday, 8 December 2017

The Great Catfish in The Sky!

The great catfish in the sky must have had an incredibly creative mind to come up with so many different varieties of catfish. And, luckily for us anglers, they are very reliant fish and able to thrive in many different conditions with a special liking for lakes.

Yesterday (7th Dec )  Mark Butland from Porchester, Hants, spent his first day in Phuket with a lengthy visit to Jez's Chalong Fishing Park.

Mark totaled a dozen or so fish and was able to persuade the lake guide to run round and take the photo' I was underwater with our other guests!

Here's Mark with a redtail catfish.
 There are plenty of other species in the lake including some decent sized pacu, the so called 'fruit eating pirhana' which always offers a manic fight tight to the net.
 Several 'new' species are appearing (well, new to is that is) with this vividly marked Tiger Catfish taken on fish baits.
 And here's another decent sized  redtail.
Looking a bit like a ling, this is a 'Walking Catfish' which is the name the Thai guide gave to this catfish.

Mark was delighted to add two new species to his list of species caught around the world from both sea and freshwater with the Tiger and Walking catfish.

Today (8th) England EFSA International, Dave Lovelock arrives so I am sure there will be a lot more fishing taking place.

As well as all these different species, the Chalong Fishing Park offers great food with a varied English and Thai menu and is just a 10 minute drive from the house and therefore very convenient.

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