Saturday, 2 December 2017

Kannika at Chalong Fishing Park

Today Kannika and I visited nearby Chalong Fishing Park as we have 4 whole days with no guests!

Kannika is seen casting an expert eye over the American imported mainline with her 'guide'  Khun Boy persuading her it was up to Offshore Rebel standards! Ha Ha! The rods are custom made and twinned with Shimano Baitrunners loaded with 30lb mono to 70lb braid traces.

Jez, the owner, is currently going through that decision making dilemma all charter skippers go through with their hire load the reels with braid with all the advantages and potentially even bigger disadvantages that this would afford over the more forgiving mono mainline.

On this occasion we did not bring our own tackle preferring to use Jez's.
Moving on to inspect the bait and bait preparation techniques, Kannika is seen here grilling Number 2 guide, Khun Lim, about bait presentation methods.
 And now to business....adopting the cross ankle semi Thai Dance style pose seen so frequently in the earlier versions of the Ramakian (Sukkothai period) and adapted in various pictorial representations in the Indian Sanskrit Classic, The Karma Supra by Vatsyayana.

Note the use of the fingers to predict the estimated time expected before the first fish, an ancient gesture which has been adopted and at times altered throughout the world to convey a variety of meanings.
And sure enough, within the allotted time, our Squidding Queen is leaning into her first fish.
 Chief Guide, Khun Boy, is soon there to offer advice on the importance of side pressure to keep the fish away from the roots of the water hyacinth....
 The two top anglers adopt the crouched technique, suggested in first editions of Fishing with Mr Crabtree classics in order to get line pressure at the correct angle to encourage the fish away from such obstructions.
 And here we are....a nice little redtail of a number of cats caught in our morning session.
Every angling star has a 'Hanger-On' waiting to share the glory...
 This fish is known as a Java looks a bit like a roach....we're getting closer to what we were after......
And another small redtail for me....

so, you ask...why are such infamous anglers catching these smaller fish....well, it was because we were actually trying to catch tilapia...which we eventually did.

And here we are (shown below) our designated species...the tilapia. And why this species in particular? this point I hand over to Wikipedia....

So there we have it....a fascinating insight into the development and importance of  this humbles species which has become so massively important....and Kannika has caught one which tonight we will eat..and see what all the fuss is about!!
And here we have the final result....Tilapia, Kannika style.

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