Saturday, 9 December 2017

Alderney visits Phuket.......Mike and Faith.

Alderney's Mainbrayce Chandlers is used by visiting charter skippers on a daily basis with the  Water Taxi Service being the first contact many anglers have with the Island.

We are delighted that Mainbrayce owner, Mike Fitton and daughter Faith Ducat are with us and very actively involved in an intense PADI Scuba Diving programme....even now, as I write this  Blog, they are studying for their Open Water programme which begins tomorrow.

Up to this point we have been following a Pre-Padi Dive Programme which involves plenty of emphasis on the actual physical diving along with the 'essential' theory.

This is offered free as part of your holiday here with me (if you want!!). Then, if your interest is aroused and you wish to continue, we call in the PADI Professionals and get you involved in a full blown course. It is MUCH CHEAPER here than in UK and of course you are training in warm water (30 degrees) and in usually much better visibility with up to 20 meters and more quite regularly experienced.

However, IF you do train here it is important to be very aware that diving in the UK is much more demanding!!! we have Faith Ducat (L) with Mike (above) on yesterday's dive. We are concentrating on our Buoyancy Control and Diver Profile....and they are both doing very well indeed.
Dance moves are optional.....
The visibility here in Phuket is NOT always good. We have experienced very heavy rain and this affects the sea, especially when shore diving as we are.


With limited visibility it is important to get close up to your subject and to be very aware of naughty little critters like the Ambon Scorpion fish shown above. They are very good at looking like a rock....and you will be pleased to know they hurt like F*$k if you land on them.
 It's a waste of time chasing fish in poor visibility. You can soon lose your Buddy and yourself.....better to concentrate of subjects that maybe you wouldn't normally bother with such as the smaller flora and fauna of a dive site especially the many different types of coral and their often delicate forms.
Corals offer static subject matter for photography which is a great reason  to practice your buoyancy control  in order to get a nice 'shot'.
These little Varicose Wart Slugs are only about a centimeter long so close-up photography along with white balance control is required....and, most importantly, buoyancy control.

 This shot was taken at about 10 metres depth with a slight current but terrible the camera and then the Photoshop controls certainly come into their own...but nothing replaces buoyancy you can see from this shot how well Faith is already doing!!
 There's so many varying shapes and forms to photograph that the fish can certainly wait for another time.....when the visibility improves.
It's rewarding to see just what can be captured by your camera in what might at first be considered very non-photogenic's a Featherstar.
 There's much so much to see on a coral reef.....plenty of different coloured tube worms.
 A brief shaft of sunlit clarity yesterday revealed a distinctly coloured adult Harlequin Sweet-lips....
 And there's always a surprise appearance when least's a Scribbled Filefish gently sculling by.
There's masses of sea life here in really is like diving in a heated aquarium.

Scuba Diving....what a great thing to learn how to do.

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