Sunday, 26 November 2017

Update on the Phuket Fishing lakes.


The old Phuket Fishing Park was the lake often featured on my Blog over the past 6 years but things have changed. Aussie Chris who used to run the old lake decided to create his own lake and  be able to run things the way he wants.

And so has begun the daunting task of making that ambition a reality....and this is whilst Chris is still recovering from a very serious leg injury after a car on the wrong side a blind bend  hit him head on earlier in the year destroying his lovingly restored HarleyDavison in the process.

In writing about Stuart Gillham's in Krabi to the east of Phuket, Mike Bailey's Exotic Fishing Thailand in the Phang Gnaa region to the North of Phuket and Jez's Chalong Fishing Park (5 minutes away from us here in Chalong), it has been important to stress that there is a need to be a special sort of person to undertake such projects. If there was one word to sum up the human quality needed then  it would be Courage......along with the knowledge that one's patience will be very sorely tested indeed.

 In Thailand things get done according to a whole myriad of factors...many of which we 'foreigners' will never even know about let alone understand. I know that I would have no chance of seeing such an undertaking through to a successful conclusion....I would soon be committing Harakiri in frustration!

I have nothing but profound admiration for these men and now I will follow Chris's efforts to bring about his own Fishing Lake dream as well as bringing updates on the other lakes as we visit them.
It helps if you are handy with your hands and you are a grafter.

Aussie Chris, as can be seen here, has plenty of buiding work to get on with and, if you relied on the local builders turning up (unlike in our wonderful Weymouth where builders are reliable and keep to their timetable) then the project would go on for ever.

Chris is a plaster by trade and can wield a trowel with the best of them. The new 'Toilet Block' is very nearly finished and already operational and what will be the office and restaurant is well underway.

There are a few Salas already dotted around the lake and, even in the short time I was there, the phone was busy with anglers asking if they could turn up.

This is not as easy lake to find (it soon will be as Chris is displaying and  mounting plenty of  signs to assist anglers find the lake whatever direction they come from) but anglers will always find a way to track a lake down and I met a South African family who did just that as I was chatting with Chris.
 Chris' new lake is set in what is one of the few remaining 'Natural'  parts of Phuket. Whilst you are there expect to see a water buffalo or two wandering around along with a variety of bird life including a pair of visiting sea eagles showing up. It is a peaceful setting...perfect for a day's fishing.

There's plenty of work to do but by bringing stock from the previous lake, there's already decent sized fish to be caught and I witnessed the all too familiar sight of an angler rushing to prevent his rod from being dragged from its rest and into the lake by a powerful fish...which of course bit him off!

There will be more to follow over the next few months but the website has started: and Chris can be contacted on 08241 90030 (Thai number) or +66 8241 90030 if phoning from UK.


The Welcome sign says it all......this is very much a Thai experience with eating a major part of the day!
The Bangla Fishing Park offers a completely different experience. This a much smaller and very well established lake and has been around for years. Thai owned and run, the staff are lovely. They are very friendly and very helpful with reasonable English...and they have an excellent and very cheap restaurant on scene.

The Salas are really more for sitting in and enjoying a drink and a meal. There's not much room for a cast! There are more open areas dotted around the lake for the actual fishing but this is more of an 'all round' experience with the fishing as part of a pleasant day out with friends.

Of course an angler can turn up with the express intention of concentrating on the fishing. I do not know the size of the fish in this lake...I do know that a fish under 1kg can be kept and the restaurant will cook it up for you if you like. I have never fished this lake but I do intend to try it out. I have watched Thai families having a wonderful day out together at the weekends with plenty of socializing and merriment taking place....I think this would be a lake to fish during the week rather than at weekends!

The menu (this is just one page of it) offers a great selection of Thai foods and with many of the main courses costing a maximum of 120 Baht then dining out is costing a little under £3 (we are currently getting 42 Baht to the £1...ah, I remember the days of over 70 Baht to the £1....we are well and truly buggered now, chaps).

Next time there will be two more lakes featured. We now have four that I know of in Phuket itself to choose from...along with the 'Big Ones' to the north and east of Phuket Island.

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