Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Chalong Fishing Park

Wow.....what a difference to Jez's Chalong Fishing Park since I last visited in March this year (2017). Everything is that much more established with the abundant vegetation for which the Tropics is known bursting into life along with a variety of colourful water flowers on the lake itself.

With the water level at its highest the lake looks much bigger and, with a number of back-up pumps and water accessory points, Jez is aiming to keep the levels much higher than last season when he was battling the inevitable teething problems with any business along with water loss.
The shaded area near the restaurant offers a large covered fishing section for those who prefer a bit of comfort!

The lake looks so much bigger with the high water levels. Spaced around the lake bank are landing mats with help protect the fish prior to the photos being taken.

And nice to see the banks grassing up nicely and giving way to the gravel walkway...it's all coming along very nicely.
 Since last March the natural vegetation has exploded into life giving a feeling of being 'out in the wilds' yet immediately alongside a good road affording easy access to the lake car park.

You can even see the fishing rising for the photo!
 Floating water flowers in the lake's corners give it a dash of colour as well as offering some sheltered areas for the fish to hide under. Note the standing pipe in the bottom left foreground  used to fire a steady stream of oxygenated water into the lake when needed and the water bubbling away centre right of the picture.

Jez tells me he's on a steep learning curve in trying to understand the complexities of water and to keep it in the required condition for the fish!
The bar is well stocked with a good variety of beers and there's a range of spirits. The menu offers both Thai and English food...and the full English breakfast is just great!!

Jez is offering fishing from 0800 to 2000. A full day (anything OVER six hours and up to 12 hours) is about £45.

Up to 6 hours (half day) is £36.

(These prices are given with the Thai Baht currently exchanging at 42 Baht to the Pound. The exchange rates very according to the ever fluctuating value of our Pound)

This price includes the use of two rods, bait, guides, use of swimming pool and showers and, of course, the restaurant and bar facilities. On Wednesdays there is a free BBQ for anglers fishing over 6 hours from 2000 to 2200 plus an extra two hours of fishing for free. (The BBQ is also available for a small charge for anglers fishing the shorter periods).

Jez can be found on Facebook. Please look up Jez Chalong and up should come Chalong Fishing Park. Jez can be contacted on 081 155 4336


And....would you believe it...the old Phuket Fishing Park IS undergoing a revamp and has already reopened! It is now called........... BUALUANG FISHING PARK

Thais like boardwalks round their fishing lakes and sure enough part of the refurbishment includes the. A lot of the dense vegetation has been removed which will make casting easier. There is a smart new fence enclosing the lake and it has all had a major clean-up.

This is the view looking westwards. It is certainly all looking very neat.

There is no restaurant as yet but the toilet facilities are up and running.

I am told it will cost 1,750 Baht and this will allow the use of one rod. Opening hours will be 0800 to 1700.

There was nobody fishing when I visited so I shall return on another occasion to see if I can discover any more information.

There is a contact number of 089-474-1279 on display....and, if you Google 'Bualuang Fishing Park Phuket', a Facebook page will show itself. The photogrpahs shown are very old. There is even one of an arapaima.....so that must be at least 8 years ago..and it's in Thai so not easy to understand what's going on.

The 1,750 Baht price is clearly aimed at Tourists as no Thai would pay that so I will endeavour to find out more....watch this space as they say.

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