Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A few of Adrian's exotic fish!!

This is not a 'feature' on Mike Bailey's Exotic Fishing Thailand lake complex as I have not had the opportunity to drive up there yet since arriving back in Phuket mid November. I've been a bit busy to say the least!

Nope...this is simply a few photo's of some of the many fish Adrian Green from Cheltenham caught at EFT over a 3 day session in mid- November.

Adrian has been a very good Offshore Rebel customer for getting on 30 years nd he loves all types of fishing. He is certainly 'hooked' on fishing here in Phuket. an Albino Pacu, a species part of the Piranha family.....and an insane fighter. It is a fish that never gives up and will trash your gear and even bite through a heavy gauge hook if it has to as it is brought to the net.

Here (L) is the famous Arapaima which is a beautifully marked fish and one which anglers from all over the world are enticed to the  lakes of Thailand to catch.
Ha Ha....I'll have to ask Adrian about this one...haven't got a clue!'s a! My ambition this trip, now that I am no longer a skipper with a head full of sea to try and learn all these different freshwater fish. Of course they all have different and extremely difficult sounding names in Thai!
Here's the fabulous Ripsaw Catfish....and you can see why it is so named!
A massive Mekong catfish well over 100kg. Who would ever imagine being able to catch freshwater fish like these...amazing. And when you do catch one, the power of these beast is is the 90 minute struggle many anglers will experience before they can coax such a fish to the landing cage.
And another Arapaima.....and Adrian has realised the importance of a good hat whilst fishing under this savage Thai sun....take care, fellow anglers, the sun here takes no prisoners!

This little 'Blog' will be amended as I am updated with the correct names etc of the species....I am enjoying undergoing the 'learning curve'.

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